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Faster Than Next Day - Often For Less

GoFer Express, founded in 1999, nearly always delivers Faster than any Next Day service.   Often many hours sooner.

Packages or skids up to 4,000 lbs are delivered by dedicated vehicles.  Our Special Services include  Air Freight and Refrigerated transportation.

Driver or Team is Dispatched Immediately to pick-up in the mega-metro Dayton-Cincinnati-Columbus area (zips 430 thru 455) or beyond.  Immediate dispatch gives us a head start on nearly all other carriers.

Then driven direct to anyplace from the Atlantic coast to Colorado by later today or Next Day.  We often deliver in the wee hours, long before Next Day scheduled deliveries. 

Often For Less:

GoFer Express is a Driver operated business.

We started with the intent to provide high quality service by paying our drivers very well.  We use independent, proven reliable, driver contractors.  We lack the expensive layers of management and overhead costs that bloat rates of big carriers.

We do that very well.

We are nearly always less than Next Day carriers for shipments over 200 lbs.  Check their rates, then get our quote.

If it is critical to get it ASAP, call GoFer Express - 937-620-8688
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